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Happy New Year with Dividend Sharing – The Long Spoons Platform

Happy New Year!  It’s only the first week of January and 2024 is already looking up thanks to dividend sharing!


On November 30, 2023, we announced the launch of the Luta Security Workforce Platform Alpha and we’ve already had success in implementing the principles of sharing dividends with all eligible participants.

Today, we're happy to share the initial results of our work and the new name: the Long Spoons Platform. In the Parable of the Long Spoons, a room is set up with food in the center of a deep chasm. People are seated around the chasm with long spoons that can reach the food. They can't feed themselves very well with such long spoons, but they can easily feed each other.

We fully embrace that idea that we can be more prosperous by supporting each other. That's why we've started the first workforce platform with built-in profit sharing.


In just the first month, we’ve already had promising results with shared dividends.  Here is the breakdown of percentage increases over regular pay received by qualifying participants in December 2023:


The average percent bonus over regular pay was 16.1%.


100% of participants received over 5% bonus.

50% of participants received over 10% bonus.

20% of participants received over 25% bonus.


We'll update with more developments and milestones as we continue this experiment in how to conduct capitalism while maintaining our philosophy of supporting workers. Our results have been outstanding so far, and the more we grow this idea together, the better off we'll all be.

Apply to join the Long Spoons Platform here. We are looking for sellers of cybersecurity and IT services (individuals and companies are welcome), and buyers of these services with contract projects to staff.

Let’s keep hacking capitalism together!

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