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Luta Security Workforce Platform

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  • Q: How do I join the Luta Security Workforce Platform?

    A: Apply to join the private alpha here.

    Q: Do I have to be eligible to work in the United States without sponsorship to join the Luta Security Workforce Platform Alpha?

    A: Yes, for now. We’ll announce when we are ready to expand to more countries.

    Q: I have an LLC or my company would like to join the Luta Security Workforce Platform. Can we join as a company or is this for individual freelancers only?

    A: Yes, we may select your company to join the Luta Security Workforce Platform Alpha.

  • Q: How much does it cost to join the workforce platform?

    A: During the alpha period, joining the Luta Security Workforce Platform is free. Costs for advertising may be added later and will be optional.

    Q: How much does it cost to use the Luta Security Workforce Platform for hiring workers or companies?

    A: Prices for services vary based on individual workers, companies, and the services provided. During the alpha period, there is no cost to use the platform. Prices for platform access may be added later based on frequency or volume of use.

    Q: Can I register as both a buyer and seller on the platform?

    A: Yes. You can participate on the platform in both roles. For example, you can sell consulting services and subcontract parts of your service to other members of the platform, or you can train and be trained on the platform. The possibilities are flexible and endless.

    Q: Are all workers and companies on the platform vetted?

    A: Yes. During the alpha, all workers and companies on the platform will be interviewed for skills by Luta Security and have to pass a standard background check. Workers and companies that join later may be referred by already-vetted platform workers.

    Q: Can Luta Security withhold taxes from my pay for me?

    A: No. Contract workers and companies participating on the platform are independent of Luta Security and are solely responsible for their own taxes.

    Q: Do individual contractors who join the platform get the same legal protections as an LLC?

    A: No. Unless you already have an LLC or similar business entity, your work via the platform is as an individual.

  • Q: What determines eligibility for automatic profit sharing?

    A: The minimum work requirement is 2 hours at $50/hour ($100 per month).

    Q: When do I get paid my portion of the profit sharing?

    A: Profit Sharing pays out at the end of the following month after each month you work. e. g., If you meet the minimum work requirements for October, your profit-sharing portion is paid out at the end of November.

    Q: Can I just work every other month?

    A: Yes. However, your profit-sharing portion is only paid if you met the minimum requirement the previous month. e.g., if you worked the minimum requirement in January, you’d get a profit share portion paid in February. If you did not work in February, you would not get a profit-sharing portion payout in March since no earnings from your work was paid through the platform for the previous month.

    Q: What does the platform use to pay us?

    A: We can pay you via Stripe or Gusto.

    Q: Can I be paid in cryptocurrency?

    A: No. Payments are in USD only.

    Q: If I work more, shouldn’t I get paid more in profit sharing?

    A: No. Profit-sharing dividends will be distributed evenly among all eligible workers. You will make more money the more you work, because you keep 80% of the listed price of your services. Typical workforce platforms do not share any of their profits. Profit sharing is a collective dividend that Luta Security chooses to pay out evenly among all eligible platform workers, revolutionizing traditional capitalism.

  • Contractor of the Month: Contractor earning the most in a month gets a 5% cash bonus on their individual contractor earnings that month.

    Contractor of the Year: Contractor earning the most in a year gets a 10% cash bonus on their individual contractor earnings that calendar year.

    Recruiting MVP: Contractor that refers the most new contractors in a calendar year who earn a minimum of $12k/year gets a 5% cash bonus on their individual contractor earnings that calendar year.

    Platform Referral Bonus: For referring customers to the platform, you will receive 5% of that customer’s non-Luta Security services they purchase through the platform in a calendar year, up to a maximum bonus of $5000.

    Luta Security Services Referral MVP: See for cash rewards up to $100,000!

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