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Bonuses of up to $100,000

Referral Bounty

Earn a minimum of $1000 for making email introductions to potential Luta Security customers!  

To qualify, eligible participants must:

  1. Make an email introduction with a referral

  2. Referral must complete introductory meeting

  3. Referral must sign a contract with Luta Security for a VCMM assessment, a 6-month end-to-end managed bug bounty program, or a 1-year end-to-end managed bug bounty program. 

How to Qualify

  • Anyone not legally prohibited from participating

  • Luta Security employees and contractors

  • Hackers/pen testers/bug bounty hunters

  • Salespeople at bug bounty platforms

Eligibility Requirements

  • $1,000 USD for each intro that results in a Luta Security VCMM assessment contract

  • $5,000 USD for each Luta Security 6-month end-to-end managed bug bounty

  • $10,000 USD for each Luta Security 1-year end-to-end managed bug bounty


  • Bonus 1: First successful referral in each category is DOUBLED!

  • Bonus 2: Most successful referrals in each category in 1 year get 10X bonus – up to $100,000 USD!


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