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Hacking Capitalism – A New Profit-Sharing Workforce Platform

Updated: Dec 8, 2023

When I started Luta Security on the heels of launching the US DoD’s first-ever bug bounty program, Hack the Pentagon, I knew I wanted to start a different kind of company that put workers first. We have lived those values as a company, inspired by the pioneers who have come before us, and we’ve encouraged others to pledge to do so as well.

Today, we’re announcing a new kind of workforce platform that embodies our labor rights philosophy. No company can thrive without a strong workforce – whether they are full-time staff, contractors, or gig workers.

Luta Security is building the first workforce platform with automatic profit sharing.

The premise is simple:

Most workforce platforms take a percentage of the listed labor price to cover overhead and keep the remainder as profit. At Luta Security, we’re splitting our workforce platform profits with the workforce, contractors and businesses alike, providing a steadier income for every worker. This new profit-sharing workforce platform model is designed to help smooth out the inherent unpredictability of gig and contract work and help companies with steadier cash flow.

We are inviting interested US-based individual workers, companies selling IT and cyber services, as well as technical trainers to apply for the closed alpha. The roles of buyers and sellers are flexible on this platform, reflecting real-world needs. We welcome feedback on what IT and cyber projects our customers are most interested in hiring contingent workers for.

Apply here for the platform alpha and give us feedback. Read the FAQ here.

The world has changed a lot in the years since founding Luta Security. Historic workforce reductions have hit all technology sectors, regardless of the organizational need for skilled labor. Cyber attacks are on the rise and unfilled jobs in the cyber and IT workforce are at record highs. Cyber workers especially are facing higher and higher cliffs to climb for limited employment opportunities that require years of experience for even entry-level jobs at low pay.

More workers are finding themselves on unsteady ground across all sectors. More organizations are faced with the increasingly impossible demands of doing more with fewer full-time staff.

We’re excited about bringing this new model for profit sharing to the IT and cyber working world and we hope it provides our customers with even more flexible fractional workforce options for getting the business of cybersecurity and IT projects done.

The old paradigm of capitalism that concentrates wealth is a feudal form of economics that leaves too many losers at the base of a pyramid topped with too few winners. We’re here to change that by offering a new workforce platform model that helps individual freelance workers, small companies, and our customers.

We believe in the parable of the Long Spoons – given the same tools and resources, we fail when we only look out for our own interests, but prosper when we deliberately set out to help each other. Collective success over traditional capitalism is our mantra.

This is our way of hacking the planet, challenging the rules and status quo, steering capitalism itself toward a better outcome for all.

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