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Luta Security Announces the First Profit-Sharing Workforce Platform Alpha

Updated: Mar 13

PRESS RELEASE - November 30, 2023 - Today, Luta Security announced the first Cyber and IT Workforce Platform alpha with automatic profit-sharing.

The Luta Security Workforce Platform private alpha is revolutionizing the workforce marketplace with automatic profit-sharing built into a platform for individual technology workers and companies to earn income. Gig and contract work is inherently unpredictable, as is cash flow for most businesses, and Luta Security is providing a built-in automatic profit-sharing dividend on our workforce platform to help challenge traditional capitalism.

Most workforce platforms keep a percentage of service fees to cover overhead and profit. Luta Security is sharing a percentage of contract fees evenly among all eligible workers. The more people and businesses on the platform work, the more they earn individually. The more everyone works, the more shared profit there is to benefit all.

Profit dividends used to be reserved for executives, shareholders, investors, and possibly some full-time regular employees, leaving contractors and service providers out of sharing in those rewards. Rather than concentrating wealth at the top like workforce platforms have done historically, Luta Security is introducing our new model that rewards more workers who help drive profits with direct profit-sharing.

As more companies lay off workers, individual talented technologists deserve a better workforce option than just striking out on their own. IT and security businesses face increasingly crowded markets for their services, and cash flow management has driven out excellent solution providers, leaving customers with fewer choices. As companies are required to do more with fewer full-time staff, hiring the right technology vendors and contract personnel has become essential.

“A flexible fractional workforce and vendors that are ready to provide key IT and cyber services with built-in profit-sharing is an evolution in capitalism that better serves both the market and the mission for all,” said Katie Moussouris, founder and CEO, Luta Security. “I look forward to inviting the first group of people and companies to help us refine the Luta Security Workforce Platform alpha to win together while providing a stronger array of technology services to the world.”

Katie Moussouris is the founder and CEO of Luta Security, a company that creates and manages sustainable bug bounty and vulnerability disclosure programs. During her tenure with Microsoft, Katie’s started Microsoft Vulnerability Research, as well as Microsoft’s first bug bounty program. Katie is the co-author and co-editor of ISO 29147 (vulnerability disclosure) and ISO 30111 (vulnerability handling processes). Katie led the launch of the U.S. government’s first bug bounty program, "Hack the Pentagon." She serves as a member of DHS's Cyber Safety Review Board, Commerce's Information Security and Privacy Advisory Board, and NIST's Information Systems Technical Advisory Committee. Katie founded the Anuncia Donecia Songsong Manglona Lab for Gender and Economic Equity, named for Moussouris’ late mother, at Penn State Law in University Park.

About Luta Security

Luta Security takes security programs to the next level, managing vulnerability disclosure and bug bounty programs from design, scope, and policy to measurable security improvement results. We go beyond bug triage, handling issues all the way through case resolution, working directly with development teams. We interface with incident response to help eliminate the guesswork between active attackers and bug bounty hunters. Finally, we connect the dots between patterns in reported bugs and smart management of security investments.

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