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Need help developing or managing a VDP or bug bounty program?  
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Luta Security

Identifying Gaps | Addressing Weaknesses | Advancing Security Maturity


Luta Security is transforming how governments and large organizations manage their people, processes, and technology to improve bug bounty programs, multiparty supply chain vulnerability coordination, and advance their overall security.


Our end-to-end managed bug bounty services bring deep expertise and insight, using your data and our cybersecurity maturity assessments, to help identify and prioritize strategic areas that need improvement and create measurable security success. 

Improving Security Together

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Bonuses of up to $100,000


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Are you ready for a VDP or bug bounty?

Are you considering a vulnerability disclosure or bug bounty program?


Let Luta Security help determine if your organization is ready by using our Vulnerability Coordination Maturity Model (VCMM).

Download the FREE VCMM Overview.



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