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Luta Security
Exclusive Services

Luta Security can manage your vulnerability disclosure and bug bounty programs from end-to-end or train your existing staff to maximize your security investment.

Steps to VDP and Bug Bounty Program Success

Step One: Assess

Vulnerability Coordination Maturity Model Assessment

To improve overall security, every organization needs to benchmark its capabilities and identify and prioritize areas that need improvement.

The Vulnerability Coordination Maturity Model (VCMM) provides a framework that evaluates five key areas to help organizations measure and evolve their vulnerability management capabilities.

Luta Security can give you a comprehensive baseline assessment and prioritized roadmap to build your internal vulnerability handling processes in support of a robust Vulnerability Disclosure or Bug Bounty Program.

VCMM Workshop

Register for our half-day workshop to help your organization identify the gaps in its people, processes, and technology that are critical for implementing, sustaining, and improving Vulnerability Management, Vulnerability Disclosure, and a Bug Bounty Program.

Step Two: Recruit, Train, and Staff

End-to-End Managed Bug Bounty or Vulnerability Disclosure Program

Luta Security knows it's easier said than done in vulnerability disclosure and bug bounties. Let the experts handle everything for you, including choosing and hiring the best bug bounty platform to fit your needs, hiring and training internal Security Program Managers and context-aware Triage Managers to turn your weaknesses into measurable strengths.

Step Three: Maintain a Sustainable, Measurable Program

Retainer Packages 

Need to get a gut check on a tricky vulnerability disclosure situation or a regular meeting to help guide your existing bug bounty response team? Explore our retainer packages so you know you have the best advice in your back pocket.

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